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The Bold and The Ballerina

I love Kanye. From when he was the brilliant composer and producer behind great hip-hop artists, and even more since he himself stepped into the limelight. He is bold, acts tough and sometimes too contemptuous. But it’s an act. And he’s in the end BRILLIANT!

Even when he approaches a phenomena totally different from ghetto drama: ballet.

Watch it, the choreography is simple yet from a genius like Yemi Akinyemi. If you see the black & nude ballet shoes and think the girls will only execute pas de bourres, you’re wrong! Yemi did a great job of combining the traditional ballet with modern dance moves, mixed with Kanye’s beats and piano accents.

And on this occasion, he also collaborated with a graphic designer and an art director to create a new range of silk scarves inspired by his latest album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

And look what came out!


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