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Felt the earth with my body

I promised I would say a few words about last week’s contemporary dance workshop I attended gracefully.

It was one of the most therapeutic experiences I ever went through. I expected to learn technical moves, to get bruises all over my body and to cry in pain, like it happened with ballet (and I loved it!). Instead, I had 3 hours of life-changing experiences, taught by Andreea Novac, one of the most reputed contemporary dance Romanian choreographers.

And the sweetest thing of all was dancing bare feet for the entire class. Just as ballet encourages lifting and vertical positions, contemporary dance links you with the earth, the most important supporter of your moves. You need to feel, know, understand and use the space that becomes home to your steps, that embrace your hand moves and the way your body tells a story. Direct contact with the surface you are exploring leads not only to better balance, but also to more inspiring expressions. And I loved to use every inch of my body in relation with the floor. It brought the best of my energy and I learned once again that flexibility & perfection are matters of subjective perspective, but dance is something we can all own. And there is no dance better than the modern one to teach you how passion comes from inside your mind & soul; this is then transformed into beautiful moves.

I recommend such an experience, should you be passioned by dance or just someone who’s looking to know his/her body and spirit better. And how they can relate to one another. I will experience other surfaces and my next try would be that of dancing in the wet morning grass. 🙂

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