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Pina ballerina

This weekend I went to Cluj for the second consecutive year with TIFF. Lots of work, stress, panic; but there were also great moments with my friends. Doing what I love always helps!

I do though have one regret, that I haven’t seen Pina, the first 3D movie for Wim Wenders (one of my favorite directors). It made history at Berlin this year and it was very well received by TIFF aficionados as well. It is a movie for Pina Bausch, filmed with his Wuppertal dance company. About her incredible art and talent of the German choreographer who died in 2009.

Breathtaking, mindblowing and definitely TO BE SEEN, SAVORED & REMEMBERED. And I will see it sooner or later 😛

Trailer: http://www.cinemagia.ro/trailer/pina-5862/

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