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What is it about dancers?

Found this great inspiring essay on dance and dancers as well. Get inspired as well!



„If you want to find an eccentric bunch of people, start dancing. If you want to feel your soul move, start dancing. If you want to be frustrated with your body, start dancing. If you want to fly, start dancing. Dance is the catalyst of enthusiasm, spirit, love, and joy. It makes one feel alive whether good or not. Dance wakes up the core and shakes it. Everybody should dance.

There are two kinds of dancers: the kind that just want to dance, and the kind who want to make dance a career. Those that chose the later know that there isn’t a lot of money in it, but there is certainly a lot of life in it! More life than a cubicle job could ever provide… Dancers find all sorts of avenues that are nestled within the dance world, even if it isn’t being a dancer in itself. But every career dancer has the dream of dancing professional nonetheless.

The one key in making it in the dance world: believe in yourself. If a dancer feels they aren’t good enough, then frankly, they’re not. But those who know they are good inside are the ones that make it. This isn’t just confidence, this is a knowing that rests on very hard work, and a keen eye for perfection. Anyone can start dancing, but it takes a fighter to stay in the game. There are going to be disappointments, there are going to be injustices, but no matter what, a real dancer works through it and proves victorious. It’s a numbers game just like the job market: keep going to auditions, don’t stop.

There is a massive amount of dance companies and there are so many opportunities to make it as a professional. And if there isn’t a niche that works, make one. We live in America; this is the place where we can create our own dance companies, studios and productions. These are the days to start our own dance websites, write our own dance books, and keep this art alive. This is the most sedentary age of man, people live behind technology and are yearning to move and be moved. A dancer breaks free from that prison and finds a way to truly breathe and live. Dancing heals the body, and it delights the spirit.

Dancers enjoy more vitality, and are more outgoing. Dancers get a regular sense of accomplishment after each show or string of shows, and they get a lot of attention from the audience and those who come to see them perform. Dancers feel excitement, and they enjoy strong bodies. Dance keeps one looking relatively young. Dance surely does a mind, body, and spirit good.

Throughout a dance career, a dancer must memorize tens of thousands of movement series. A dancer must find the utmost bravery in their spirit and find a deep belief in their abilities. A dance career sees hard work, determination, courage, and grace. Each and every professional dancer holds a high standard for living. These dancers stand out; they take care of their bodies and most often make life decisions for the sake of their art. One thing that is unmistakable: professional dancers beam with light. They are filled with joy and life. They are doing what they love because they had the courage to pursue it. My note to all you dancers out there who live in a constant state of doubt is to stop wasting time and give it all you got! There is a spot for you in the dance world somewhere that will be fulfilling. Go for it!”


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