Zi: august 2, 2011

More than magic…a thought of you

webcultura.ro is one of my absolutely favorite websites for cool, fresh and innovative visions from all around the world. This time, one special article captured my attention – about the latest work of Ryan Woodward, cartoonist and designer for the biggest Hollywood studios. His fascination for dance and especially contemporary dance translated into this special 2-D animation, done with the help of real dancers and choreographers (for authenticity and originality). It melts the heart of anyone who watches it and encourages to dance with the loved one. Or for the loved one.  Interesting facts about the movie and concept are here: http://conteanimated.com/ The animation and its making of video is here: http://webcultura.ro/gandindu-ma-la-tine-dans-magie-si-poezie-vizuala/ Enjoy them with the open heart!

…or are we dancers?

„Dancers are a different breed. A dancer must harness strength, conviction, freedom and structure to give life to the dance.” Or so they say. There were and still are many documentaries and reality shows about the life of a dancer or dancer wanna-be. It seems somehow the beauty and strenght of this wonderful art can transcend to people’s hearts more and more nowadays. From ‘Dancing with a star’ to ‘So you think you can dance’, TV stations try to maximize rates out of the dancers’ efforts to become famous or from associations between common people and celebrities. Many such show have a previsible ending and few really influence (in a positive way) the destiny of young talents on a long term. This time, „Laurieann Gibson is Born To Dance” launches on BET Networks with the help of the young talented choreographer Gibson. Some facts on her from TV producers:  ‘from award-winning choreography for Lady Gaga to her creative direction on VH-1′s “Divas Salute The Troops,” to music video director for Keri Hilson and two series …