Lună: septembrie 2011

THE most delicious discovery (this week)

Reading about contemporary dance and the shows in George Enescu festival, I came across this article on Gigi Caciuleanu, one of the most famous contemp choreographers in the world, currently with El Banch (the National Ballet in Chile). The article is juicy and well documented, many times introspective. Here is a link to Mr. Caciuleanu’s famous shows:      

Just a glimpse

Sometimes ones take a camera, a couple of talented and young dancers and film them during rehearsals, playful moments on the roof of the ballet studio, while training in their secret hidden places or resting next to somebody loved. And it can sometimes result into one cool, urban and colorful look over ballet. Enjoy!

Inspiring talks

One can find inspiration when reading a book, watching a movie or experimenting with the unknown. Others find comfort and support in looking up to people that made it. This is a short showcase of Misty Copeland, the first African-American soloist in the history of American Ballet. Sweet and confident, her inner voice seems to touch women and inspire. Enjoy!

Inspiration from the painter of dancers

The name of this blog came to me while reading about Degas, the father of impressionists and a famous admired of ballerinas. He was a free spirit and experimented a lot with painting, sketching, etc. Nevertheless, unlike fellow contemporary painters, when depicting dancers, he went for accurate representation of movement. His work reached an impressive 600 variations of the ballerina, in black and white, colored, drawn, painted. This is why he was named ‘the painter of dancers’. The entire interesting article is here:–


Ballet is premium, clean, uplifting. And Air France thought it could best personify their company and services. So they shot an ad. The result…a modest execution in which only the couple’s dance is a distinctive piece of the puzzle. Watch four yourself: