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When in London…enjoy Royal Opera House in Covent Garden

1514195_741725422601917_7929275023946591715_nYou never know where life may lead you. Unless you plan it. This is how I started my international adventure with dance. First it was Rome and the National Opera Theater, last autumn. Now it was London, city of posh and dynamic cultural manifestations and home to both classical majesty and modern expression (I invite you to visit The Place). One could sense this by just walking the West End from North to South. The eclectic mix of exhilaration, movement, lights and sounds can offer you food for thought for months to go. It was my first visit to London, and I discovered its best: the arts, the heritage, the busy streets and dedication to beauty.

One of my goals was to visit Covent Garden and its majestic Royal Opera House. A dream came true when one Sunday I walked into the house of London dance. The incredible noise of the people within intervals, the grandeur of a hall-room which breathes art, dance technique, the entire attire of the dance universe the Royal House promises you is overwhelming. I chose classical dance during my stay because I believe it is the basis for a strong and creative dance exploration. To discover your identity means first knowing what heritage is.

My first glimpse into the English Royal Opera world was with Onegin. With its grand story and its magnificent dancers, it was an experience one could only enjoy and remember. The classical piece was perfectly envisioned by dancers and director. It had the perfect tempo, intrigue ingredients and was split in three major parts.

The genius of this narrative choreographer chooses only stories with high emotional impact and well defined characters. Eugene, the young dandy from Saint Petersburg with his selfish and arrogant nature, Vladimir, the young poet who preaches romanticism and dreams depict a world of contrasts in which the women characters often get imprisoned. Tatiana, the shy landowner’s daughter and Olga, her vain older sister close the circle of main characters that lead the plot. Onegin interacts with Tatiana in one of a kind pas de deuxs. As the story unfolds, Tatiana transforms herself like a butterfly, from a girl in love with books to a sophisticated woman from the Saint Petersburg high society.

Cranko’s adaptation for ballet of Pushkin’s poetic novel is set on Tchaikovsky music, whose notes have always accompanied deep dramatic dance stories. Movement finesse, eye-candy scenography, intense musical undertones define the painting of Onegin on the Royal Opera House main stage. An experience to be remembered. An experience I recommend to all of you fortunate enough to live or visit London. When in London, let your footsteps walk on the paves of dance classics. You will discover them like paintings. You will be impressed by the exterior with its colors, shapes and sounds. Then, when you dig more into the story, you will be charmed.

I must thank princess Anastasia, my beautiful Londoneer friend, for sharing this wonderful experience with me between Covent Garden grand walls. I hope you all share the beautiful with the ones you love and admire. 🙂

Enjoy, my dancers! Good night, Red B. 🙂 photo: my personal collection.

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