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New York, New York



Just like the song sings it, the city that never sleeps welcomes you with the most eclectic painting of sounds, smells, colors and movements. Everything can be a source of inspiration, as long as you let yourself be free and indulge in the cultural babel.

Experimentation has become core to New York’s arts scene, and this involves dancing too. The metropolis offers everything on the menu: from classical ballet and musicals, to contemporary, church-danced expressions. Choreo Dep’s team has seen it all during a short visit to Manhattan this March.

We’ve had the pleasure (and dare to say, honor) to visit New York City Ballet both during a guided tour and a special evening performance of Sara Mearns (interpreting Isadora Duncan). Our visit continued with The Church danspace project, a hip home for contemporary dance and experimentation in Greenwich.

This trip was truly transformative, while what we mostly learned is that you always have to say it twice: New York, New York. Once for getting there and twice for returning. And our team has now wonderful things to prepare after this short, but fruitful visit.



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