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Romania and Iceland – an exercise of creative exploration


For the isolated culture of Iceland, creativity is important. Yes, Iceland, land of fire and ice. Since Iceland was settled in the 9th century, writing and music have been an integral part of life in the country; and have in recent years reached a large audience on the global stage. While strongly rooted in customs and traditions, today’s Icelandic society is both modern and progressive. It’s not gone unnoticed that some of the most innovative contemporary artists working today hail from Iceland. Björk, Ragnar Kjartansson, Katrín Sigurdardóttir, and Olafur Eliasson are all known for taking unique, interdisciplinary approaches to their art. The country is also host to a thriving microcosm of designers, writers, and musicians. Iceland has consistently ranked among the most innovative countries in the world. One in four people there work in creative careers. The small nation boasts some 7,000 creative companies. Icelanders are found to commonly display attitudes of independence and tolerance which supports openness to experience, the personality attribute that is most strongly correlated with creativity. It seems the inspiration comes from community and culture, while urban and social contexts are important to creativity. Both in schools and at home, it’s common practice to give children the space for play and exploration, which encourage both imagination and the creative process. Iceland is definitely THE source for original creativity and exploration.

Selected, supported and financed by Ro-Cultura, the EEA Grants program initiated by The Ministry of Culture and fellow institutions from Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. wecollab will endeavor during the mid of December in Iceland in order to explore multiple facets of the Icelandic culture and how it can inspire and inflict a progressive creative lift for the Romanian creative community.

Iceland, here we come!


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