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User Friendly taking on Control Club

„User Friendly” is a multidisciplinary performative installation mixing EDM, visuals and contemporary choreography in a 75 minute exploration of the internal and external dynamics of the urban body.

The experiment is alchemised by Temple Invisible, the visual artists from Les Ateliers Nomad, choreographer Sandra Mavhima, dancers Alexandru Bordea & Nicolae Dumitru, costume designer Bianca Popp, photographer Oltin Dogaru, make-up artist Dana Argesan, art director Ioana Parvan.

Temple Invisible soundtrack: ENTER_, VOID and a couple of brand new songs.

Special Guests (opening acts): THE GHOST OF 3.13 & OBIECT between 8 – 10 PM.
FREE ENTRY, so check in here and IRL!

NOVEMBER 13th, starting 8 PM, Club Control.

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