My story: #dancecurator

10847986_760979830676476_4470955780801722012_nDance has been and still is transformational. I believe it has the most charming way of sneaking in anyone’s life, build our character and enchant our mind. Dance has no need for words, just a lively heart. It is the way I best express myself and I believe my role is to guard it, treasure it, explore it, support and transform it. All these stand for me, the #dancecurator.

My dance training story: 6 years of classical ballet (Studio Giuliana and Pas Boutique – Gabi Batori); a student within UNATC (National Theater and Film University, Bucharest) – Sunday School program, contemporary dance and body expresivity studies; contemporary dance classes and workshops, with Razvan Mazilu, Melinda Jakab, Judith State. P1150237

My dance perfomances: contemporary dance performances @WASP, 2013 and 2014. I am also the founder of Dans Cult ( and a dance promoter: Invisible Twin, dance performance by Sandra Mavhima, 2012; ALT CONCURS NATIONAL DE COREGRAFIE, 2013, 2014 and 2015; media partner of many Romanian dance festivals and shows.


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